Friday, April 15, 2005

Toward the heavens...

Well I meant to post some photos the other day but my computer crashed and well its kind of hard to post photos without a computer :-D. So hopefully now if it doesn't crash again I should be posting photos much more frequently! I took this picture with my Konica Minolta Z2 and used a polarizer.


Anonymous guess who. . . said...

sup dawg.
Ya are gunna have to guess who this is ;). Glad you got your compy back up and going after that stinking crash :(. Tiz nice down here in Cali. . .I am taking lots of pics (have 800 so far, and have deleted 200) and am setting up my uncle's compy (got more ram) might get him setup with DSL today. . .and maybe Firefox ;)
hope things are going well there. . .I would show ya some pics but I don't really have any to send them to you (ok, I could gmail them to ya. . .but you have to wait till I get home ;)) Well, I am off to the camera shop. . .gunna see if I can pick up a tripod.
ttyl bro,

P.S. I like the pic. . . :D

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Jflame said...

Hey someone! LOL Max I know its you ;). Well the compy isn't working yet :-S, but I got the Lappy up and running. So after installing some VERY important files (GIMP, neat image ;-)) I am kinda able to use it. LOL. Well at the moment I am at a hotel using their DELL. Sadly on IE but hey at lest it is a DELL ;-). Well glad you are having a good time and getting your Uncle onto Firefox :-D. I would love to see some pics then. Everyone says hi and stuff. Hopefully it isn't snowing there in CA. Oh ya almost forgot. We got a foot of snow yesterday, and it is still going. You may just want to stay there after all. SIKE! No actually it did snow but only a dusting. So we are good. Well I had better get off or check the gmail or something good like that :-D. Cya
Hopefully once I get back home (tuesday) I will be able to post some more pictures!

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Max said...

Sounds good Johnathan :P
oh, and I almost forgot. . .I got the TIGHTESTTTTTTT tripod today :D
dang, that thing is sweeeet :D
its nice and high, and has a macro arm and stuff, and I got a sweet ballhead, with pan feature. . .and I payed way too much for it all.
lol (it was the exact ones that I showed you on the web that time, except I got the "pro" model of tripod)
bad me :D
oh well, it wasn't THAT much, but it was $270 or so (stupid CA 10% sales tax):S
anyway, I will be back on Tuesday as well, so see ya then bro :D

2:44 PM  
Blogger Raffi said...

Pretty cool pic. I like it.

11:47 AM  

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